Tax Credit Claims

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A top priority for every company is to achieve a profitable bottom line. With Sovereign Consulting as your partner, your company has a team of experts that will help you maximize your return by connecting you to government incentive tax credit programs. Regardless of your company’s industry, we will help you find ways to improve your revenue. Sovereign Consulting has a team of committed experts working for you.

Why should you apply for tax credits?

Great question! We should mention that this isn’t for every type of business, but the list is growing steadily! So if you’re in any of the following industries keep reading!

Industries we serve:

  • Manufacturing
  • Service and Industrial Trades
  • Construction
  • (Auto) Motive Power
  • Arts & Entertainment:
  • Film, Television, Music, Books, Magazines, Interactive/Digital Media and many more!


What am I getting from these programs?

This is the best part. These programs can pay thousands of dollars for qualified applicants and they are designed to help Canadian businesses grow! It is money waiting for you to pocket and we know exactly what it takes to make that happen. You can call us at 416-746-9044, or complete the form below for more information!