Payroll Management

Your business can immediately begin saving money with our exclusive payroll management offer!

Sovereign Consulting is your ideal partner for all of your payroll needs. Whether your company is a small business or a large corporation we have the expertise to meet your requirements. When partnered with Sovereign your business has access to a company that is a Ceridian partner with an in-house Certified Payroll Manager. What does this mean for your and your business? It means that your company has access to top resources that will ensure efficient and effective payroll services. This includes employee payment of your choice (direct deposit or cheque), Source Deduction Remittance, T4/T4A issuance, among many other services.

What is a payroll management service?

Professional service tailored to your business’ needs. Certified Payroll Managers work for you to deliver accurate and reliable

  • Paycheques
  • Records of Employment
  • T4/T4A slips
  • Deduction Remittance
  • Account Reconciliations
  • And so much more…!

How do I know if this is right for my business?

Businesses of nearly every size can benefit from a professionally managed payroll service provider. As a Ceridian partner, we’re offering top quality professional service to our clients. We’re a Ceridian partner offering you the best of industry leading practices which allow you to:

  • stop the recurring costs of distributing cheques
  • stop worrying about the scheduling and reliability of your payroll staff
  • stop worrying about security concerns of mismanaged funds
  • stop worrying about missed tax incentives and opportunities
  • stop training new hires on payroll systems
  • stop paying for difficult software upgrades and filing systems
  • start leveraging the expertise of our trained specialists
  • start focusing on your business and  your clients
  • start saving money with every payroll run!
That’s right! Our payroll management service can even save money for your business. To find out how much, call us at 416-746-9044, or complete the form below for more information!