Export Grants

The world is getting smaller and staying competitive in the 21st century means taking your products to new markets and new customers. We help deliver export grants that alleviate some of the costs associated with marketing your business around the world.

Programs currently available are designed to assist businesses to:

  • Showcase goods or services to potential international buyers;
  • Participate in outgoing or incoming trade missions;
  • Develop promotional materials; and
  • Support many other expenses required to develop export sales.

If you are now wondering which expenses qualify for the program, you could get up to 50% of eligible costs paid for :

  • Round-trip airfare for two company officials
  • Rental cost of booths at trade shows
  • The production and development of marketing tools such as market research and market entry plans
  • Translation of documents into local languages, for your target market, for promotional materials
  • Marketing materials and other promotional collaterals
  • The cost of consulting fees
  • Per Diem allowances for company officials while on travel status

Sovereign Consulting can help you take the next step in becoming a multi-national enterprise. Contact us today for more information!