Red Seal Trades, Great Opportunities For Everyone

Posted by on Oct 23, 2012 in News | 0 comments

The Federal and Provincial Governments provide funding to encourage you Canadians pursuing a career in a skilled trade. Did you know that they also provide funding for small businesses to encourage the hiring of young apprentices in certain high demand trades?

Employers and workers in the Red Seal Trades should take note of these opportunities which facilitate the mobility and ongoing training of workers across provincial boundaries.  The Red Seal allows qualified tradespeople to practise their trade in any province or territory without having to write additional examinations. Workers qualified in a particular occupation in one jurisdiction have access to similar employment opportunities in any other Canadian jurisdiction.

Current funding programs can provide employers with incentives for job creation as well as training on an annual basis based on the salaries and wages of the qualifying apprentice for up to 4 years. Sovereign consulting specializes in administering these and other financial programs on behalf of Canadian businesses. Talk to a Sovereign Consulting representative today to find out how you can qualify. Call 416-746-9044 or send us an email!