Look To Export Grants for Business Growth

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If your company is struggling to develop international business then the Export grant program may be able to help.

Companies currently based in Ontario and exporting goods and services abroad can apply to this program. Don’t assume you have to be a large corporation to be eligible for assistance. The program assists companies employing anywhere from 5 to 500 people and contributions typically provide for up to 50% of incurred costs of eligible activities and efforts in developing your foreign sales and growth.

The export grant program works with new companies as well as with small to medium sized partnerships that are already established. It supports partnerships or consortiums which have been registered for at least two years and have $500,000 in annual sales or more. Various activities deemed eligible include bidding for foreign projects, developing tools for marketing, and research.


When applying for the grant program, two sections will be covered. One provides your organizations’ general information and helps determine eligibility that is based on certain criteria. The second section enables you to include pertinent information for each category you apply for.

You can apply for a number of categories. You also have the ability to apply more than once within twelve months. It typically can take 30 days to receive notice of eligibility.

Eligible Activities

Four categories of eligible activities make up this program:

Direct Contacts

This includes running exhibits and making direct contacts at fairs and international trade shows as well as missions verified by governments and trade organizations.


Materials used to promote goods and services internationally and increase awareness of your products to foreign industry.


Grants covers research performed to pinpoint targeted marketplaces.


This coverage enables foreign bidding projects and is intended for companies providing services such as consulting, construction and engineering foreign bidding competition.

Qualifying expenses can include:

  • Coverage of up to 50% for eligible costs for development of promotional tools and research
  • Up to 50% for consulting fees
  • Round-trip airfare for two company officials
  • Rental cost of booths at trade shows
  • Promotion materials
  • Per Diem allowances for travel status
  • Document translation into languages for your target customer base in promotion materials


Sovereign Consulting Inc.

We at Sovereign Consulting Inc. are dedicated to assisting you in your efforts to access tax incentives, rebates, government grants and various forms of financial help. Our mission is to help promote Ontario’s economic growth in the business sector.

Our services are designed to assist with:

Participation in trade missions

  • Showcasing goods and services to international buyers
  • Supporting required expenses in developing foreign sales
  • Development of promotional materials

In addition to working with companies in this program, Sovereign Consulting also provides specialized services:

  •  Assistance with tax credit claims
  • ASO Group benefits
  • WSIB (Workplace Safety and Insurance Board) refunds,
  • Bookkeeping
  • Payroll management (certified by Ceridian and partner)

Getting direction and financial assistance is essential when building company development. As companies providing goods and services aim at expanding into foreign marketplaces, grant programs provide the means and support to their mission. Ontario based companies can rely on Sovereign Consulting Inc.

Build your company and continue to reach abroad with the export grant program. Start now by contacting Sovereign Consulting Inc. and move towards for your business goals.