Hiring New Personnel is Now More Affordable Than Ever

Posted by on Jul 31, 2012 in News | 0 comments

Ontario businesses can obtain financial benefits when they trust a professional consulting service to help take advantage of applicable programs. Sovereign Consulting Inc. is a leader in the business consulting world and can help clients find the right finance program for their training needs. There are many financial assistance programs available to businesses in Ontario and they are designed to help the province become a leader in various sectors. Because most business owners have enough responsibility, outsourcing the search for financial reimbursements is the proactive approach and offers several benefits. Sovereign Consulting Inc. works with Ontario businesses on a continual basis to help find the right savings for your their industry.

At the moment, a refundable tax credit program is available for businesses to help them invest in their own employees and the Canadian labor market. This program is particularly beneficial at a time when higher turnover rates make investing in employee training less attractive. By alleviating significant costs, many firms that could not afford to apply for these programs now have that option without having to worry about the cost of training someone for the necessary skill set, and who may leave at the end of a contract. Sovereign Consulting can provide in-depth knowledge of the requirements to take advantage of these programs, even in these industries:

  • Concrete and Masonry
  • Cabinetry
  • Drafting
  • CNC Machining
  • Mould/Tool and Die
  • Food Processing

In addition, a range of other industries are compatible with the financial programs, and we can help any business receive the maximum allowable funding. The monetary awards outweigh the minor investment, and Sovereign Consulting offers a service that repays benefits many times over.

The programs are designed to reimburse businesses for the money that they invest in Canadian employees. For business owners, Sovereign Consulting offers a number of ways to benefit. The credits are based on salaries and wages, and we helps clients get the maximum amount of funding for their efforts. Sovereign Consulting is familiar with these programs in their entirety and helps clients receive monetary benefits that are as high as $12,000 per year for each employee. To put it simply, Sovereign Consulting Inc. helps businesses receive up to $48,000 for investing in their employees.

Sovereign Consulting Inc. is a leader in helping businesses make the most of new and existing financial programs. The programs are an innovative way for local companies to save money and improve their human resources at the same time. We have worked in the consulting business area for several years and assists clients with finding the right type of programs for a variety of Ontario benefits. Because our team handles all of the paperwork and documentation, business owners receive a tremendous value for our service. To learn how to save your company money and time, contact our team today.