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We work hard to provide our outstanding services which help businesses grow and maintain profitability. We’ve outlined the professional services deliver size-able reductions in overhead and other business costs.

Tax Credit Claims:

We can help you identify and process several types of refundable and non-refundable tax credits across Canada. You may already qualify for ongoing funding programs in your industry.

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We’re your ideal partner for all of your payroll processing needs. We’re equipped to handle small, medium, and large companies with Certified Payroll Managers. Take advantage of our cost effective solution for your internal processes.

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Export Grants:

With a strong Canadian economy and the right guidance there’s no better time for your company to spread its wings and make global connections. Take your products to new markets around the world with the support of Sovereign Consulting Inc. and our knowledge of financial programs designed to assist you.


Our staff has over 20 years of experience in implementing, troubleshooting, and adapting QuickBooks and NewViews accounting software for each company’s unique needs. Partnering with Sovereign Consulting will allow you to focus on what makes your company unique and gives you the competitive edge.

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ASO group Benefits:

Maximize your returns by simplifying your group benefits payments. ASO Group Benefits (Administrative Services Only) allows small to mid-size companies to take advantage of an alternative reduced group benefit plan.

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WSIB Refunds:

As a business owner, you need workplace insurance you can rely on to protect you and your employees. Creating a safe work environment for your employees can lead to refunds and adjustments in your premiums. Sovereign Consulting Inc. will work with you to evaluate your current WSIB premiums in order to assess the level of refund your company qualifies for.

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Additional Products:

If your company has special requirements, please contact us for a consultation and assessment to review your corporate needs.