A Silver Lining in the Wake of Natural Disasters

Posted by on Nov 1, 2012 in News | 0 comments

The end of October, 2012, has witnessed one of the largest storms in recorded history to devastate the eastern coast of North America. The estimated damage to public and private property continues to rise as the cleanup process begins. However, many economists predict a net-neutral impact on the national economies of Canada and the United States due to increased spending on construction and the re-investments required in the public and private sector.

Amidst the reconstruction efforts, there are opportunities to look forward and to begin thinking about the kinds of buildings that will be in demand in the future. In the coming days and weeks, economic and ecological concerns will once again be at the forefront in the news. Throughout North America, offices, homes, and industrial buildings consume enormous amounts of energy, often unnecessarily. Inefficient heating and air conditioning systems, insulation, equipment, appliances, and construction techniques can all add up to higher operating costs for property owners in addition to causing excessive ecological harm. The destruction caused by natural disasters can give property owners and construction companies a chance to build (or rebuild) with energy efficiency in mind through the design, construction, and retrofitting of processes.

We understand the challenges and the concerns faced by home and business owners. While many desire to make more ecological choices, it is not always easy to finance the next step. That is why we are offering our services to administer and secure financial grants. We work for you to submit claims with no upfront costs. Here are some of the other programs currently available in Ontario:

  • Energy Consumption Audits
  • High-rise and multi-story construction
  • New Home Construction
  • Retrofitting
  • Small Business Lighting
  • And more…

With the professional advice and guidance we can provide, you can take the next step towards environmentally friendly operations while reducing your ongoing expenses. You have the chance to make a significant impact in your community and there is no better time to begin. Call us for a free consultation at 416-746-9044 or send us an e-mail.