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Hiring New Personnel is Now More Affordable Than Ever

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Ontario businesses can obtain financial benefits when they trust a professional consulting service to help take advantage of applicable programs. Sovereign Consulting Inc. is a leader in the business consulting world and can help clients find the right finance program for their training needs. There are many financial assistance programs available to businesses in Ontario and they are designed to help the province become a leader in various sectors. Because most business owners have enough responsibility, outsourcing the search for financial reimbursements is the proactive approach and offers several benefits. Sovereign Consulting Inc. works with Ontario businesses on a continual basis to help find the right savings for your their industry. At the moment, a refundable tax credit program is available for businesses to help them invest in their own employees and the Canadian labor market. This program is particularly beneficial at a time when higher turnover rates make investing in employee training less attractive. By alleviating significant costs, many firms that could not afford to apply for these programs now have that option without having to worry about the cost of training someone for the necessary skill set, and who may leave at the end of a contract. Sovereign Consulting can provide in-depth knowledge of the requirements to take advantage of these programs, even in these industries: Concrete and Masonry Cabinetry Drafting CNC Machining Mould/Tool and Die Food Processing In addition, a range of other industries are compatible with the financial programs, and we can help any business receive the maximum allowable funding. The monetary awards outweigh the minor investment, and Sovereign Consulting offers a service that repays benefits many times over. The programs are designed to reimburse businesses for the money that they invest in Canadian employees. For business owners, Sovereign Consulting offers a number of ways to benefit. The credits are based on salaries and wages, and we helps clients get the maximum amount of funding for their efforts. Sovereign Consulting is familiar with these programs in their entirety and helps clients receive monetary benefits that are as high as $12,000 per year for each employee. To put it simply, Sovereign Consulting Inc. helps businesses receive up to $48,000 for investing in their employees. Sovereign Consulting Inc. is a leader in helping businesses make the most of new and existing financial programs. The programs are an innovative way for local companies to save money and improve their human resources at the same time. We have worked in the consulting business area for several years and assists clients with finding the right type of programs for a variety of Ontario benefits. Because our team handles all of the paperwork and documentation, business owners receive a tremendous value for our service. To learn how to save your company money and time, contact our team...

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Look To Export Grants for Business Growth

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If your company is struggling to develop international business then the Export grant program may be able to help. Companies currently based in Ontario and exporting goods and services abroad can apply to this program. Don’t assume you have to be a large corporation to be eligible for assistance. The program assists companies employing anywhere from 5 to 500 people and contributions typically provide for up to 50% of incurred costs of eligible activities and efforts in developing your foreign sales and growth. The export grant program works with new companies as well as with small to medium sized partnerships that are already established. It supports partnerships or consortiums which have been registered for at least two years and have $500,000 in annual sales or more. Various activities deemed eligible include bidding for foreign projects, developing tools for marketing, and research. Applying When applying for the grant program, two sections will be covered. One provides your organizations’ general information and helps determine eligibility that is based on certain criteria. The second section enables you to include pertinent information for each category you apply for. You can apply for a number of categories. You also have the ability to apply more than once within twelve months. It typically can take 30 days to receive notice of eligibility. Eligible Activities Four categories of eligible activities make up this program: Direct Contacts This includes running exhibits and making direct contacts at fairs and international trade shows as well as missions verified by governments and trade organizations. Marketing Materials used to promote goods and services internationally and increase awareness of your products to foreign industry. Research Grants covers research performed to pinpoint targeted marketplaces. Bidding This coverage enables foreign bidding projects and is intended for companies providing services such as consulting, construction and engineering foreign bidding competition. Qualifying expenses can include: Coverage of up to 50% for eligible costs for development of promotional tools and research Up to 50% for consulting fees Round-trip airfare for two company officials Rental cost of booths at trade shows Promotion materials Per Diem allowances for travel status Document translation into languages for your target customer base in promotion materials   Sovereign Consulting Inc. We at Sovereign Consulting Inc. are dedicated to assisting you in your efforts to access tax incentives, rebates, government grants and various forms of financial help. Our mission is to help promote Ontario’s economic growth in the business sector. Our services are designed to assist with: Participation in trade missions Showcasing goods and services to international buyers Supporting required expenses in developing foreign sales Development of promotional materials In addition to working with companies in this program, Sovereign Consulting also provides specialized services:  Assistance with tax credit claims ASO Group benefits WSIB (Workplace Safety and Insurance Board) refunds, Bookkeeping Payroll management (certified by Ceridian and partner) Getting direction and financial assistance is essential when building company development. As companies providing goods and services aim at expanding into foreign marketplaces, grant programs provide the means and support to their mission. Ontario based companies can rely on Sovereign Consulting Inc. Build your company and continue to reach abroad with the export grant program. Start now by contacting Sovereign Consulting Inc. and move towards for your business...

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Get Your Personalized Business Solutions

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We work hard to provide our outstanding services which help businesses grow and maintain profitability. We’ve outlined the professional services deliver size-able reductions in overhead and other business costs. Tax Credit Claims: We can help you identify and process several types of refundable and non-refundable tax credits across Canada. You may already qualify for ongoing funding programs in your industry. Read more… Payroll: We’re your ideal partner for all of your payroll processing needs. We’re equipped to handle small, medium, and large companies with Certified Payroll Managers. Take advantage of our cost effective solution for your internal processes. Read more… Export Grants: With a strong Canadian economy and the right guidance there’s no better time for your company to spread its wings and make global connections. Take your products to new markets around the world with the support of Sovereign Consulting Inc. and our knowledge of financial programs designed to assist you. Bookkeeping: Our staff has over 20 years of experience in implementing, troubleshooting, and adapting QuickBooks and NewViews accounting software for each company’s unique needs. Partnering with Sovereign Consulting will allow you to focus on what makes your company unique and gives you the competitive edge. Read more… ASO group Benefits: Maximize your returns by simplifying your group benefits payments. ASO Group Benefits (Administrative Services Only) allows small to mid-size companies to take advantage of an alternative reduced group benefit plan. Read more… WSIB Refunds: As a business owner, you need workplace insurance you can rely on to protect you and your employees. Creating a safe work environment for your employees can lead to refunds and adjustments in your premiums. Sovereign Consulting Inc. will work with you to evaluate your current WSIB premiums in order to assess the level of refund your company qualifies for. Read more… Additional Products: If your company has special requirements, please contact us for a consultation and assessment to review your corporate...

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How can you benefit from our payroll management service?

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The best businesses provide a unique benefit to their customers, operating in a particular field or industry with the special skills and knowledge that puts them ahead of the amateurs. But, have you considered the benefits of getting the best talent available to run your payroll efficiently. If you’re still thinking about hiring more staff to process payroll in-house, we have already discussed the top three reasons to why you should consider a payroll service; you can find that information here. However, there are many more benefits that most managers have not thought about. Focus on what your business does best and consider the following advantages of payroll services: Leverage the expertise of trained specialists. We stay on top of the latest payroll rules and regulations to ensure compliance with local and federal laws. In addition, businesses need to keep up to date on changes in personnel, deadlines, and tax requirements on an ongoing basis. No need to purchase computers or filing systems. At a minimum, your company will need to purchase a computer or manual accounting program and extensive training to use it. Avoid painful software upgrades and training. You don’t want to lose your information the next time you need to upgrade your software for a special feature you will only need once. There’s no need to remember the controls and functions of the new program. How much is your time worth? Perhaps the most difficult cost to calculate is the time it takes for you or your hired professional to process these routine tasks. Get more time to focus on your own business, servicing your clients, and making important strategic decisions. Sovereign Consulting employs the expertise of Certified Payroll Managers to help small business alleviate costs, avoid potential tax penalties, and reduce financial risks associated with incorrect payroll processing and fraud. Save yourself a headache by calling us today and find out how you can benefit from our payroll management...

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Three reasons why you need to stop worrying about payroll!

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Ask any bookkeeper in your company and chances are that you won’t hear the words “I love to do payroll” spoken with enthusiasm. Worse yet, if you don’t have a full-time bookkeeper then you know that it’s another one of the necessary tasks that need to be completed to ensure your business runs smoothly. Why are you spending your valuable time and money handling a routine process that could easily be done by trained and certified payroll managers? Have you considered the true costs of in-house payroll management? Recurring Costs: How many hours are you and your employees devoting to payroll related activities? How much are you spending on printing and distributing cheques, creating tax documents, reconciling transactions, and how frequently? Reliability: Your payroll department is only as reliable as the people doing the work. With vacations, illnesses, and ongoing training. You need to be confident that all areas of your operations run smoothly. Security: Do you have the time and energy to closely supervise your business’ payroll for time and rate abuses and other shady activities? Are you potentially leaking confidential banking information with every paycheque? Sovereign Consulting employs the expertise of Certified Payroll Managers to help small business alleviate costs, avoid potential tax penalties, and reduce financial risks associated with incorrect payroll processing and fraud. Save yourself a headache by calling us today and find out how you can benefit from our payroll management...

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Is your business ready to compete globally?

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Claim your spot on the world stage by taking your business abroad. Small and medium-sized businesses in Ontario have even more opportunities to reach new markets around the world with assistance available for business activities outside of Canada. You could qualify if you have; a product or service that is currently offered, annual sales of $500,000 or more, registered for at least two years, and five to 500 employees Have you been following industry trends around the world and wished that your business could take part in the opportunities in other countries? We understand that the process of marketing your business in new territory can be a significant challenge strategically and financially. Fortunately there are ways to lower the financial hurdles and Sovereign Consulting can help you do just that. You will be able to reach new markets, new customers, and create new business opportunities. Programs currently available are designed to assist businesses to: Showcase goods or services to potential international buyers; Participate in outgoing or incoming trade missions; Develop promotional materials; and Support many other expenses required to develop export sales. If you are now wondering which expenses qualify for the program then you’re obviously on the right track. Up to 50% of eligible costs paid for the production and development of marketing tools such as market research and market entry plans Translation of documents into local languages, for your target market, for promotional materials Marketing materials and other promotional collaterals Up to 50% of the cost of consulting fees A per diem allowance for company officials while on travel status   Whether you already have a plan for expanding internationally or just an idea, you can benefit from our expertise in connecting business with grants, credits, as well as other financial tools and resources. Contact us today to find out...

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Are you getting the most out of your business?

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If you own or manage a business of any size then you know how important it is to stay competitive. Being one step ahead makes the difference between leading in your industry and struggling with the pack. Whatever industry you are in, we know you want to increase your bottom line, maximize your profit margin, and reduce operating costs. These ideas are certainly not new. Smart managers have always looked for ways to use every resource they had to get the edge, the next customer, and the next contract. Sovereign Consulting specializes in giving you that edge by matching your business with the appropriate tax credits as well as other financial tools and resources. Are your employees in the industrial, construction, automotive, or service trades? Do you have the need for IT employees such at hardware technicians or network technicians? Do you manage a contact centre with inside sales, customer care, or technical support agents? Funding has recently been approved for up to $10,000 per qualifying employee for these industries. We can help you access these non-refundable credits that are waiting for your application. Contact us today for information on how we can help you...

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Your profit maximizing partner

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One of the industries that Sovereign Consulting works with extensively is the trades/construction industry. We help this industry by connecting clients to innovative incentive programs that will help them maximize their bottom line.  For example, if your company is located in Manitoba and has recently hired a journeyperson, we can link you to an incentive program that will pay your company up to $2,500 per journeyperson you have hired. This creates a great chain of events: your company helps a journeyperson achieve their goals, the journeyperson helps your company complete important work, and we help connect your company to an incentive program. Help us help you help journey people (that’s a lot of help all around!). Contact us today for your free consultation and let us be your partners in success.   Follow us: @SovereignInc Email us:...

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Your partner in helping you help others

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Apprentice: noun, verb,-ticed, ticing  A person who works for another in order to learn a trade: an apprentice to a plumber History/Historical – a person legally bound through indenture to a master craftsman in order to learn a trade. A learner; novice; tyro. A jockey with less than one year’s experience who has won fewer than 40 races. A popular reality television series in which Donald Trump exhibits great business savvy, a questionable hair piece, and the most potent catch phrase in all of prime time television history. Whatever your definition of apprentice is, Sovereign Consulting Inc will help your business recuperate the cost of training an apprentice through various training credits that exist across Canada.  You help an apprentice gain valuable experience to help them succeed, Sovereign helps you realize tax benefits which helps your bottom line succeed. Contact us today for a free consultation and let us be your partner in success   Follow us: @SovereignInc Email us:

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Success Strategy

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What makes a business successful? Is success having a great product? Is success a strategic marketing plan? What exactly separates a sub-par business from a successful business? At Sovereign Consulting Inc. we believe that a great product and great marketing is, well, great. We also believe that in order to succeed in today’s tough economy a business should invest in strategic partnerships that will help them get and maintain an edge on their competition. When you partner with Sovereign Consulting Inc., not only do you have an opportunity to tap into our many services (payroll, tax credit processing, general bookkeeping, and more!!!), you also have access to Certified Payroll Manager that stays abreast to any and every change to all things payroll. This includes tracking the upcoming legislative changes to payroll and how they will impact your business. Take the time to forge a new strategic partnership that will help your business go from good to great. Let’s talk about the upcoming legislative changes and how we can make them work to your advantage. Contact us for a free consultation and let us be your partner in success.   Follow us: @SovereignInc Email us:

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